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Garage Fever – DJ Swiss/Ruff Cut Lloyd/Pied Piper – 3 x CD Vinyl Collection for Old School Music Fan

This 3CD vinyl collection takes us back to 2001 when Garage Fever released a 3-disc DJ mix collection, at a period when huge names in the entertainment business turned their focus to UK Garage, causing some kind of a schism in the genre. The garage element went one way, while underground enthusiasts went another. That is undoubtedly the reason why many songs remained on the sideline in collections. You had to meet a true UK garage DJ or visit events like Sidewinder, Garage Fever, or Garage Nation to stay up to date with the latest releases. Discs 1 and 2 (mixed by DJ Swiss and Mike 'Ruffcut' Lloyd) represent the 2000s with notable names as DJ Lewi, So Solid Crew, The Architects, and Ross Young. Disc 1 and Disc 2 (mixed with DJ Swiss and Mike 'Ruffcut' Lloyd), featured the early 2000s with the major names of DJ Lewi, So Solid Crew, The Architects, Ross Young, and The Jam Experience, respectively. You will undoubtedly get obvious contemporary tones like Lonyo's ‘Garage Girls’, as well as the sequel to the "Body Groove" by The Architects simply dubbed "Show Me the Money," but go into the track list a little deeper and you'll discover tunes from DJ Quest and Mr. Reds. One of this vinyl's jewels is a famous tune '21 Seconds' by the famed garage band So Solid Crew. 21 Seconds' was a big hit in 2001, taking the group to number one place on the music charts throughout the UK and abroad. Disc 3 of the Garage Fever collection was mixed by Pied Piper and features the UK garage you may have missed from the early 2000s. Remarkably. Legendary DJ Pied Piper has been active in the music business since the 1990s with groups like Hijack (The Horns of Jericho) and Da Click (Good Rhymes), as well as The Masters of Ceremonies. He is world-renowned for his number one mega-hit 'Do You Really Like It' created in collaboration with The Masters of Ceremonies. Urban Legends, DB Max, Hutchy B, and Jazzy D were all recorded live, unlike some other tunes of the era that included dub plates.

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