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Top 5 UK Garage Hits of All Time

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

UK Garage was born in the early '90s and continues to inspire beatmakers from all over the world. Earlier UK garage tracks had not reached the UK charts, but by the summer of 1999, it had already become a prominent force in the music scene. The UK garage scene had not been widely known to the general public until then. It was only in 1999 that the UK garage scene finally emerged. Sweet Like Chocolate and Shanks & Bigfoot were the top two. Both were part the Soul II Soul collective.

It's time to revive UK garage music! What are your favorite tracks from this genre?

'Something For Your Soul' by The Streets was a big hit when it first hit the UK singles charts. The track was an instant classic and took UK garage into the mainstream. Its groovy beat and tight bass line were a remarkable feat for the time and it went on the become the eighth most-sold single of 1999. This track is an excellent example of UK Garage at its finest.

MJ Cole's tracks are world-famous and each of them is a hit. In his childhood, MJ Cole (Matthew James Firth Coleman) was awarded scholarships at the Royal College of Music which he attended as a child. While working for a drum and bass company after graduation, he developed a taste for garage music, or 2-step as it was known at the time.

'Sincere' is one of the first garage tracks to get into the UK charts. It was introduced to a broad audience by Pete Tong on Radio 1 and became one of the first hits. This one is pure sunshine!

'Ripgroove' by Mr. Vegas, is one of the first UK garage hits. The track was sampled by Double 99, and was one of the first UK garage chart successes. The genre gained popularity quickly. With the genre's popularity, UK garage was booming. Here are the Top 5 UK Garage Hits of All Time, by Artists From Southampton and More! We hope you enjoy this list!

'Blinded by the Lights' by Conducta is a two-step garage song that went straight to the Top Five during the summer of 1998. The track's lead synth grabs attention and evokes many emotions. Mike Skinner's voice is sharp and funny, and the production is accented by sparse percussion. This is true UK garage.

'Nightcrawler' by Sia is perhaps the biggest success of the 'City Limits' project. Pinty's light choppy beat complements the song's modern garage groove. Cardiff MC Local pays tribute to the UK's garage roots with his remix for 'Wheel N' Deal'. The track combines keyboard stabs with throbbing bass for a euphoric experience.

UK garage has seen a brief commercial revival in the early 2010s, largely thanks to the efforts of Disclosure. The band's music mixes garage with synth-pop and house, and a track by AJ Tracey was a Top 10 hit on the Charts. With so many UK garage bands, there's bound to be one to suit your taste. You can even find the right one for you by visiting the site listed below!

Paradise Garage in New York is the inspiration for UK Garage music. This was the first time that the genre became popular in the UK in the 1990s. Gorgon City, a duo from North London, have created a list of the Top 5 UK Garage Hits of All Time. They've chosen a range of tracks, from old school classics to new interpretations by contemporary house artists.

Aside from commercial UK Garage, this genre also saw several pioneering tracks that pushed the genre's sound forward, both artistically and commercially. Grant Nelson, for example, stripped Stevie Wonder's "All That I Need" down to its bare bones and a thumping dancehall beat. Dem 2 was a prominent UK garage act in the late 90s and had a string of hits. Their first single, 'Made in London,' was a huge crossover of genres. This track is a patchwork of cut-up vocals and staccato instrumentation.

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